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Freeman Dyson

In our family we do not watch television on a daily basis. Besides The New Yorker, various science journals and the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen I use the Internet as my primary source of (mis)information. A lot of bad things has been said about The New York Times especially in recent years, but the Op-Eds by David Brooks are brilliant – and I read his columns every week on with great interest. A couple of days ago The New York Times Magazine had a magnificent profile on Freeman Dyson >Click Here<. While reading the article I remembered the time before my university studies: I read Feynman’s bestselling stories (the profile even has a curious link to a Feynman anecdote) and thought I would find a community of creative non-conformists at the science departments. Well, to a large extend I was wrong – but to read the thoughts of a guy like Freeman Dyson provides comfort – and even HOPE! (and it made me order The Scientist as a Rebel)

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