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Vista, Visual Studio 2008, Intel Suite and IMSL

Since the first post on Visual Studio and Intel Fortran I have made some substantial modifications to my setup.

First of all – for a long period of time – I went back to Microsoft XP and installed the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition, which shipped with my copy of the academic version of Intel Visual Fortran 10.1 Professional Edition with IMSL – no problems.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 was released some months ago on MSDNAA, and some weeks ago Intel released updates with the relevant interfaces. Now I have decided to give Vista another shot. I have purchased the Intel® Software Development Suite Student Edition for Windows (because of the included optimization tools), installed Visual Studio 2008 and then the Intel suite (plus my ‘old’ copy of IMSL).

The interested reader can find screenshots attached, that describe my choice of Project Properties and Tools Options in Visual Studio 2008.

My values in Project Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies:

imsl.lib imslsuperlu.lib imslhpc_l.lib imsls_err.lib imslmpistub.lib mkl_c.lib mkl_ia32.lib libguide.lib

When I use IMSL procedures I have the following statement in my .F90 files INCLUDE ‘link_fnl_static.h’

Any comments on how to use Intel IPP and MPI would be nice!

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